Building strong relationships with rightsholders and stakeholders is essential to project success. We've designed a stakeholder relationship management tool to consolidate key information, automate tedious tasks, and simplify reporting needs. Organized and clear engagement is critical to securing your social license.

Spend more time making an impact and less time making records.

Cut through the clutter of administrative tasks and spend time on impactful engagement that drives results.
Minimize the need for manual data entry while keeping a detailed record of engagement and interactions.
Understand trends and focus areas by tracking topics, concerns, and key indicators.
Make sure interactions don't go cold with follow-up actions, reminders and accountability.
NetBenefit Platform showing Communication record on a laptop
Laptop and phone showing link between platform and email

Consolidate data from different sources for a single source of truth.

A tool to centralize rightsholder and stakeholder information to  ensure everyone is on the same page.
Stop sifting through emails and spreadsheets with easy-to-use  search and filtering capabilities.
Reduce project risk by storing engagement records, details, and relevant documents in one secure location.
Ensure accurate data with automated data quality features.

Analyze outcomes and generate reports in seconds.

Stay informed with real-time reporting and instant access to key project metrics.
Report on issues, concerns, and grievances to mitigate risk and monitor community preferences with pre-configured reports.
Quickly tailor reports to meet the needs of communities, regulators, investors, and other key project players with self-service report building tools.
Understand your performance the right way with dozen of data visualization options.
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Client Testimonials

"It's reassuring to know that all our data is linked together at my fingertips when I need it. The team is a pleasure to work with and they made the process easy. I suggest using NetBenefit from the very first letter you send."
Headshot photo of our client, Rhea.
Rhea Halfnight LeFlufy
Indigenous Relations,
Ascot Resources
Friendly and smiley photo of our team members with a client leaning against a blue background.

Client Testimonials

"It was great to work with another young company that shares similar values. The team was flexible, helpful, and easy to get in touch with. It's been extremely helpful using a platform that is straight forward and able to adapt to various reporting."
Alex Headshot.
Alexandra Armstrong
Community Relations
Canada Nickel Co.
Alex, our client, on a site visit wearing a safety helmet and vest.

Client Testimonials

"I have been working with NetBenefit in the oil and gas industry for 8 years on a variety of projects, and the team is second to none. They are excellent communicators, provide timely responses to inquires, and work hard to accommodate their client's unique needs without hesitation. Their modules are easy to use and very intuitive as well."
Kristina, a previous user and brand ambassador.
Kristina Ennis
Benefits and R&D Expert,
Various Oil & Gas Projects
Our CEO enjoying an event with two friends.

Reducing social risk and managing stakeholder relationships across industries.

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Use the NetBenefit framework
to secure your
social license to operate.

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