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About Us

The Story & The Mission Behind NetBenefit Software

NetBenefit Software was founded in 2005 and was previously known as SCI Resource Software. The company initially designed a system to ensure that benefits from Inco's Voisey's Bay Nickel Mine were being received by the local and Indigenous communities. The project set the new standard for local content levels, project diversity, and capacity building in the industry.

Since this initial project, NetBenefit has expanded to empower companies and communities across Canada and internationally. The number of clients that we service and the number of software modules that we offer have increased, but our core mission of moving development forward in a measured and equitable way continues to guide us as we grow.

From code to client, our values guide us in everything we do.

Safe Spaces

We provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected, supported, and free to express themselves.

Growth Mindset

We embrace challenges as opportunities for learning and continuous improvement upon ourselves and as a team.

Pragmatic Excellence

We strive for practical and high-quality solutions. We combine innovation with a results driven approach to achieve the best outcomes for our community.

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