Laptop view of NetBenefit Platform Homepage - includes quick view into Stakeholder Engagement Module.

The Engagement & Relations Module

A turn-key solution to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your community engagement tracking.

Use a management tool to monitor outcomes and manage relationships with rightsholders and stakeholders. Automate reporting and streamline data collection. Spend less time on administrative duties and more time building meaningful relationships.

Track, consolidate, and manage:

  • All types of Communications - Meetings, Phone Calls, Automated Email Tagging, Town Halls, etc.

  • Contacts - Basic Contact Information, Associated Groups, Sentiment, Key Issues, Tags, etc.

  • Groups - General Group Information, Members, Associated Contacts, Level of Influence, Key Issues, Tags, etc.

Go one step further:

  • Boost Reporting - Contact Comments, Topics, Issues and Grievances

  • Rightsholder and Stakeholder Mapping - Level of Interest, Level of Importance

An engagement log form in the NetBenefit Platform.

We've built best practices into the platform to ensure compliance, simplicity, and accurate reporting.

Log records quickly and accurately with automated email tagging, smart token technology, and user-friendly entry forms. Ensure that the right information is delivered to the right people - at the right time. Assign actions to ensure accountability with automated reminders.

iPad View of NetBenefit Platform Reporting Suite. This showcases engagement data from a project operator's point of view.

A reporting solution built for projects of all sizes.

From the early stages of single project development to active multi-project operations, use the industry’s leading reporting suite to identify trends and benchmark performance.

All data collected is immediately available in The Reporting Suite. The Reporting Suite leverages Microsoft PowerBI and includes a variety of interactive dashboards. Create, modify, filter, and drill into reports on the fly.

Forget spreadsheets and use key features designed to optimize success.

Consolidation & Collaboration

Access all engagement records in one consolidated system. Reduce spreadsheets and link key data points such as communications, contacts, groups, and grievances.

Notifications & Task Management

Drive team accountability with full task management functionality. Use email and platform notifications to set reminders and ensure important actions don’t get missed.
A mobile view of the engagement module with a quick glance of communications and easy navigation buttons.

User-Friendly Design

The system is designed with the simplicity in mind. Forms include auto-complete and auto-filtering to make data entry easy. Click-paths through the system are intuitive and logical.

Reporting, Insights & Analytics

Use industry-leading reporting to identify trends early, make decisions, and benchmark results. Interact, filter, and modify reports - or create new reports on the fly.

The NetBenefit Platform has multiple modules to address different needs. Leverage core data and run reports across modules to manage the impact of your operations.

Engagement & Relations Module

A simple tool to track, manage, and consolidate engagement data. Cut time spent on administrative tasks and focus on building strong partnerships.

Commitments & Agreements Module

Use a simple structure to organize agreements, commitments, and actions to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Establish accountability and deliver on promises.

Benefits Tracking Module

A trusted framework to track socio-economic benefits throughout a project supply chain. Key metrics include local content, supplier diversity, social procurement, employment diversity, and community investment.

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