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The Power of Capacity Building: From Global Projects to Individual

Improving lives and societies is the ultimate goal of capacity building and personal development. Capacity building can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, when you speak to a group of local high school students about the value of an education, that is a small nudge towards a more prosperous and productive pathway that benefits everyone. A larger example would be a country that puts together a local content strategy while developing a resource or a major project. A well-planned approach could improve the lives of millions.

At NetBenefit, we’re fortunate to be able to support capacity building strategies for some of the largest projects in the world. We’re also fortunate to be able to come to work each day and support each other when it comes to personal growth. Although each and every member of the team has their own personal journey to be proud of, one of our team members was recently interviewed about his journey on a national stage. Take a moment to meet Andrew Reynolds and learn about his journey from working as a corrections officer to working as a developer at NetBenefit Software.

As technology continues to evolve and impact our global economy, millions of people will need to learn new skills, do things in different ways, and potentially make career changes like Andrew did. In Andrew’s case, he leveraged Get Coding, a local technical skill-building program to help him learn the required skills to take on a new career. The capacity building strategies and structures in place to help people make changes are important. Monitoring results through accurate measurement is also critical. Especially when you’re trying to transform an economy.

Tracking employment and business outcomes are one of the things that we specialize in here at NetBenefit. To date, we’ve accurately tracked over 10 million work hours from 18,000 companies to help understand the results from capacity building initiatives. We’ll continue to track the mega projects, but sometimes it’s nice to dig a little deeper and celebrate the individual success stories close to home.

Andrew, we’re happy to have you and we’re excited about the millions of others that will follow you in adapting to the changing world with new skills and careers!

Matt Adams


Matt Adams is the CEO of NetBenefit Software. Based on the east coast of Canada, Matt has spent his career (and more of his social life than he’s willing to admit) in the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) software space.

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