The Case for Utilizing Local Suppliers: Beyond Community Development

The buzz around supporting local businesses has picked up lately and that's because it works. After all, it fosters community growth and boosts regional economies.

When it comes down to it, using local suppliers isn’t just about doing good or checking the boxes - it just makes sense for business. Why wouldn’t you want to streamline operations and beef up your supply chain, all while giving back to the community? Sounds like a win-win to us.

It's important to note that about 72% of industrial/b2b buyers prefer to source locally. Of course, there might be times or reasons why local suppliers don’t quite fit the bill for a particular project. But let's breakdown the undeniable perks to keeping things local.

1. Speed and Reliability:

Local suppliers often provide quicker and more dependable deliveries than international ones, thanks to shorter travel distances and their closeness to your business. This proximity minimizes the risk of common issues like shipping delays or logistical problems.

2. Reduction of Import Fees and Environmental Impact:

Supporting local often helps enhance project sustainability by reducing transportation emissions and helps align with eco-friendly goals. It also avoids the uncertainties and costs of international tariffs and taxes, leading to stable pricing and more efficient resource use.

3. Flexibility and Quality:

Partnering with local suppliers combines the benefits of customization and quality control. Their proximity and flexibility allow for tailored products and real-time oversight, ensuring high standards and innovation in response to market demand.

4. Community Growth:

Bringing on local suppliers not only boosts the community's economy but also supports job creation and skill enhancement. Additionally, these suppliers often align with your ethical standards and regulations, leading to stronger, risk-reduced partnerships.

All-in-all, supporting local businesses isn't just a feel-good, do-good gesture—it's a savvy business move with real benefits. By keeping things close to home, we're not only strengthening our operations and supply chains but also giving back to the communities that support us. And with increasing buy-in, it's clear that going local isn't just a trend—it's a winning strategy for success for all parties involved.

Ena Nikolic

Client Partner

Ena Nikolic wears many different hats at NetBenefit Software. She partners with clients on marketing, sales, and consulting initiatives. Ena is passionate about change management and ensuring software implementations run smoothly. When not working with clients, you can often find Ena walking her dog by the ocean near her east coast home.

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