Summer Newsletter 2023

Summer is in full swing here at NetBenefit! In Newfoundland, the summer brings a lot of change. The icebergs are gone, the whales are feeding along the coast, and the puffins are back on the islands in full force.

Change has come to NetBenefit as well. We’ve added new team members, moved to a new office, partnered with new clients, and even added a new module!

As we close out July, here are some highlights from the last couple months:

  • We’ve partnered with our client Canada Nickel to release our most recent case study. Check out how their team has used the NetBenefit Platform to efficiently manage consultation, compliance, and roll the results into their ESG reporting.
  • We’ve been active locally presenting at the EnergyNL Conference, the TechNL Mining Tech Market, and hosting our monthly NetBenefitNetworking meetups. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on where we’ll be next!
  • We have a new industry expert on the team! Chris Williams has written his first blog on the Mining Association of Canada’s new EDI Protocol. Take a moment to check out the blog and expect more from Chris in the future.
  • New module alert! 📣 We’ve completed the build-out of our Supplier Registration Add-On. This module is going live with our first client and is now available to others. If you’re interested in a simple registration process to discover, track, and prioritize local suppliers for a project - book a demo with our team.
  • NetBenefit has a TV Star on the team. Andrew Reynolds told his story on CBC. Watch his interview or read the feature by Arlette Lazarenko.

As always, thank you so much for the support as we continue to grow. Please make sure to enjoy the summer and take a holiday to enjoy the nice weather if you can.

I’m looking forward to following up with our next newsletter in a few months.

Thank you for your continued support,