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The Commitments & Agreements Module

An easy-to-use tool to monitor obligations made to stakeholders, rightsholders, and regulators.

Create value and trust by keeping promises with the ultimate promise keeper. Monitor commitment progress and make sure that actions don't fall through the cracks. Assign responsibility, align team members, and stay organized.

Types of Agreements Tracked:

  • Exploration Agreements

  • Impact and Benefits Agreements

  • Community Benefit Agreements

  • Environmental Impact Statements

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Industrial Benefit Agreements

  • Permits and Regulator Requirements

  • Internal Commitments and Policies

  • Lease Agreements

  • Informal Agreements from Public Interactions such as town halls, focus groups, and hearings.

A reporting solution built for projects of all sizes.

From the early stages of a project to active multi-project operations, use the industry’s leading reporting suite to identify trends and benchmark performance. All data collected is immediately available in The Reporting Suite. The Reporting Suite leverages Microsoft PowerBI and includes a variety of interactive dashboards. Create, modify, filter, and drill into reports on the fly.

Consolidation & Collaboration

Keep track of important commitments in a single consolidated area. Use a structured approach to understand commitment progress, action history, and compliance plans.

Reminders & Task Management

Drive commitments to completion with full task management functionality. Use email and platform notifications to set reminders and ensure important actions don’t get missed.
iPhone View of Commitments Homepage showcasing upcoming reminders and actions.

Forget spreadsheets and use key features designed to optimize success.

Accountability & Ownership

Create value and trust by keeping promises. Assign accountability for individual commitments and delegate actions to keep the team organized, efficient, and reliable.

Reporting, Insights & Analytics

Use industry-leading reporting to identify trends early, make decisions, and benchmark results. Interact, filter, and modify reports - or create new reports on the fly.

The NetBenefit Platform has multiple modules to address different needs. Leverage core data and run reports across modules to manage the impact of your operations.

Engagement & Relations Module

A simple tool to track, manage, and consolidate engagement data. Cut time spent on administrative tasks and focus on building strong partnerships.

Commitments & Agreements Module

Use a simple structure to organize agreements, commitments, and actions to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Establish accountability and deliver on promises.

Benefits Tracking Module

A trusted framework to track socio-economic benefits throughout a project supply chain. Key metrics include local content, supplier diversity, social procurement, employment diversity, and community investment.

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