A laptop view of the NetBenefit Benefits Module showcasing a commonly used report on Spend by Region.

The Benefits Tracking Module

Set targets, monitor supply chain activity, and understand the community benefits created by project operations.

Use industry-leading reporting tools to uncover the social and economic benefits throughout your supply chain. Cut down on spreadsheets and use the latest technology to accurately collect data from contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Laptop View of the Benefits Tracking Module. Screen shows the reporting suite with 3 various reports.

Accurate Reporting on Key Metrics:

  • Local and Domestic Content

  • Indigenous Content

  • Diversity and Social Procurement Levels

  • Detailed Employment Metrics

  • Capacity Building Metrics

Quick Platform Stats

NetBenefit Software has tracked millions of data points on projects since 2005. The data framework has evolved over time to include proven best practices and industry standards.

150 billion+
In Expenditures
250 million+
1 millon+

The reporting solution built for projects of all sizes.

All data collected is immediately available in The Reporting Suite. The Reporting Suite leverages Microsoft PowerBI and includes a variety of interactive dashboards.

Reporting Solution

Workforce Diversity

Understand the full picture and report on workforce diversity throughout project operations.

Commonly tracked metrics include:

  • Gender

  • Indigenous Affiliation

  • Visible Minority

  • Persons with Disability

  • Veteran

  • Apprenticeship

Pro Tip: Employee Profiles include projects, parent company, work-hours, job positions mapped to National Occupation Classifications (NOC), and other core data points.

Examples of NetBenefit Reports showcasing workforce details and employee profiles.
Reporting Solution

Supplier Diversity

Standard procurement systems aren't designed to collect socioeconomic data from the supply chain. Instead, enable contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to report data directly with a tool that is purpose-built.

Commonly tracked supplier metrics include:

  • Women Owned Companies

  • Locally Owned Companies

  • Indigenous Owned

  • Veteran Owned

  • Owned by Persons with Disability

  • Social Enterprise

Pro Tip: Capture key supplier data directly from suppliers.

Example of Supplier Diversity reporting from NetBenefit. Bar chart showcases spend by company and indigenous affiliation.
Reporting Solution

Local Content

Uncover the local benefits created for communities. Monitor local spend, local employment, and local investment. Enhance government reporting and internal decision making with accurate data.

Commonly tracked metrics include:

  • Procurement Spending

  • Employment Volume and Job Types

  • Employee Residency

  • Capacity Building

  • Employee Diversity

  • Job Progression, Apprentices, Certifications

Pro Tip: Make sure that data is tracked efficiently and accurately to get the full picture of what's happening at the ground level.

Reporting Solution

Community Investment

Beyond workforce and procurement detail, other community investment metrics are critical to understand and communicate impact.

  • Donations and Sponsorships

  • Supplier and Workforce Events

  • Education and Healthcare Programs

  • Investment Outcomes

  • Research & Development

Pro Tip: Understand the full impact of contributions with investment tracking that collects inputs and outcomes, then helps tell a story with easy-to-understand visuals.

Examples of community investment reports from the NetBenefit Platform.
Reporting Solution

ESG Reporting

Accurate ESG reporting is becoming more important throughout all industries. Use the high quality data from the Benefits Tracking module to satisfy multiple reporting requirements.

  • Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM)

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)

  • The Mining Local Procurement Reporting Mechanism (LPRM)

  • Many more socio-economic ESG standards

Pro Tip: Satisfy requirements with standard reports that will live updating data. Drill into the data to pick up on leading and lagging indicators to improve ESG performance.

Examples of ESG reports pulled from the NetBenefit Platform. Reports represent social impact.

The NetBenefit Platform has multiple modules to address different needs. Leverage core data and run reports across modules to manage the impact of your operations.

Engagement & Relations Module

A simple tool to track, manage, and consolidate engagement data. Cut time spent on administrative tasks and focus on building strong partnerships.

Commitments & Agreements Module

Use a simple structure to organize agreements, commitments, and actions to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Establish accountability and deliver on promises.

Benefits Tracking Module

A trusted framework to track socio-economic benefits throughout a project supply chain. Key metrics include local content, supplier diversity, social procurement, employment diversity, and community investment.

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